How do you pronounce 3ANDIT?  Our preference is that you pronounce it the way we do (ban-dit), but you can call us anything you want.

WTF is 3ANDIT 3ANDIT designs and makes lifestyle clothing that is easy to wear and easy to buy.  Most of our products cost under $30, even though comparable items cost upwards of twice as much.

Why do 3ANDIT items sell out so fast?  We don't make very many and when they are gone, well they're gone.  We'll make something different, so there's always something to see, but we won't make a sold out item again. 

Someone wanted to sell me a 3ANDIT item on eBay for more than it was on your website!  Is that ok?  It's ok with us if it's ok with you.  That tends to happen with sold-out items.

Why don't you show the sold out items on 3ANDIT anymore?  We thought it was mean.  We show them for a couple of weeks, but that's it.

Where have people been spotted wearing 3ANDIT Well all over, but lately the South of France, Turkey, New York City, London (thanks Justin), the Italian riviera, and China, but your nabe should be next.  Oh yeah, this just in - Fiji too, if you can believe that.